LEADERSHIP Development 

Reaching Your Fullest Potential


 The pathway I use to get started:

Iā€™m convinced your fullest potential is developed with an organic, qualitative coaching approach using:

  • 3-4 key questions

  • Strengths assessments

  • Development exercises + experiences

  • Leadership books + articles

Additional Options Include:

  • Leadership 360 Feedback Process for leaders + their teams

  • Workshop + Team Meeting Facilitation including topics such as strengths assessments, ideation + strategy, leadership development practices + pathways

  • My favorite + most requested team workshop is one called Personalities + Perspectives where we look at team collaboration + strategic planning through the lens of what each team member brings to the table.


 My Coaching Style gives you:

  • Professional Growth + Personal Development

  • Clarity + Accountability

  • Perspective + Insight

  • Increased Self-Awareness + Purpose

  • Self-discovery + Confidence in Your Direction

  • Leadership Feedback Process + Team Exercises

Not into a prescriptive plan for growth + development? 

Me neither.

So, let's connect and see if Leadership Development Coaching is what you actually need.


What to Expect:  

  • Contact me to schedule a conversation re: your expectations + goals for Leadership Development

  • Together we will map out a suggested Leadership Development pathway to meet your individual goals, including recommended materials (books + exercises + assessments)

  • Additional resources are available to my clients, including leadership feedback reports + team development + brainstorming sessions


Hear from past clients . . .