Personal Update

Personal Update.

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I moved to South Bend, Indiana a few weeks ago.


I’m guessing most of you know this by now, especially if you follow me on social media. But I haven’t talked about it here until now, well, because . . . working + moving + parenting + painting + adjusting to a new area + making new friends + keeping in touch with old friends + traveling over the holidays have been quite the mix the last few weeks.


But it’s for real. We moved as a family from sunny Southern California to snowy South Bend, Indiana.


Missing the Warmth.

I get asked all the time if we miss the warmth of the SoCal sun. And I say, only sometimes, because it’s been matched by the warmth of our South Bend community. And believe it or not, the warmth of a community is solid competition for the warmth of the sun.


The Reason.

My husband Matt accepted a new role as Executive Pastor at South Bend City Church located in the old Studebaker factory in the heart of downtown South Bend.

And I still get to do the work I love—consulting, coaching + creating with all of you—just from a different home office + a new time zone.


The Transition.

It was a long + thoughtful process to make the decision to move. Our life in California was good + hard all at the same time. So, when it was time to leave the good + the hard, we wanted to make sure we were leaving with healthy intentions. We wanted to honor the present + celebrate the past as we moved forward into something new. And we kept saying to each other and to the friends + mentors who walked alongside us, “we don’t want to run FROM something, we want to run TO something.” And South Bend is what we had the amazing opportunity to run TO.  


Make sense?


The Mile-Markers.

There were a few important mile-markers for us on this journey to South Bend. We did a LifePlan with the Paterson Center (my coaching clients know I’m a huge fan of the Paterson process!). We had challenging + encouraging conversations with our co-workers, our mentors + close friends. We talked to our kids about the possibility of relocating even when we weren’t certain. We took time to process + pray together + retreat on our own as we considered a move. We researched South Bend City Church + listened to hours of podcast conversations. And we were vulnerable—we knew that moving forward in the process meant there was no turning back.

Side note: Our boys have been champs + have been with us in every step of this process. It’s one thing to make these decisions as an individual or as a couple, and another thing to make these decisions as a family.



Things I’m Learning.

Here’s what I’m learning about making transitions. Transitions are good + hard. Transitions bring out the best + the worst of us. Transitions give us opportunities to leave unnecessary things behind + move forward with the essentials. Transitions take away what’s comfortable. Transitions make us feel vulnerable. Transitions make us dig deep for the grit + courage to keep putting one foot in front of the other. And making a transition with healthy intentions + a thoughtful process + amazing people around you is always a good way forward.



New Rhythms.

Now, instead of walking a beach trail in the sleepy little surfing town of San Clemente on a day off, I’m taking walks in our historic neighborhood on the West end of South Bend, or sneaking into the back of the Basilica or the library at Notre Dame University for a few moments of peace + quiet, or watching my boys play ice hockey again, or learning from + exploring with our new faith community at SBCC, or sharing a meal with new friends around our family table or at a favorite local spot.


I’m so grateful that I still get to spend my days coaching + consulting + creating fun things with you all. And I’m looking forward to a full season ahead in 2019!


So, there it is. My personal update.


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Beth Graybill